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Baby Jedi – Padawan cupcakes

My lovely friend Theresa was having a baby shower and I knew that I wanted to make her special baby cupcakes. Using the force and all my Star Wars baking prowess, I knew I had to make her something special, not just any babies – Jedi babies. That’s right, padawan cupcakes! Just the right cupcake for a geeky baby shower!

Little sleepy padawan, easy as can be and the ultimate treat for a Star Wars baby shower. Whether your baby grows up to be a Sith Lord or the leader of the Rebel Alliance these cupcakes will be enjoyed by all.

baby jedi lined up
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Baby Jedi – Padawan cupcakes


lemon cupcakes
lemon frosting
Starburst candy
mini nilla wafers
black frosting
heart quins
mini lightsabers


Once the cupcakes are baked, cooled and frosted, set them aside and start on the younglings.

For the blankets use 2 Starburst of the same color and microwave them in a small bowl for 8-10 seconds.

Then using a rolling pin, roll them out flat into a squarish sized ‘blanket.’ Cut the edges if necessary or I also like to use clean crafting edge scissors.

Take the mini lightsabers and push them through the Starburst so that they stay put.

Using a #2 tip, pipe the black frosting on the Mini Nilla Wafer making eyes and maybe a little hair. A small dot of frosting will stick the tiny pink heart quin for the ‘lips.’

Now to start assembling! Cut a marshmallow in half and lay down one side for the ‘pillow’ and the other perpendicular – this will form the ‘body’ of the baby under the blanket.

Add a dab of frosting on the marshmallows and place the Nilla Wafer head on the pillow, then drape the Starburst blanket over the body area.

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