batman cupcake sm

When the Baby said “BATMAN party” the first thing that came to mind was the logo. Simple, iconic, and couldn’t be that hard to do, right? Well.

10 ounces white fondant
yellow gel dye
8 ounce chocolate fondant
2.5″ circle cutter

bat symbol template

Since I didn’t have a Batman symbol cookie cutter in the exact shape I wanted and I am a crazy perfectionist – yes, I cut these all by hand. It certainly wasn’t fun. But I had 24 kids coming and I knew every kid had to have the same looking cupcake. Fair is fair.

Here’s how I did it: I printed out the logo at a size that would fit within a 2.5″ circle, so the length was probably around 2-1/4″ total. Then I cut it out on heavy cardstock.

Roll out your fondant to 3-1/16″. I used chocolate fondant, again (see ladybug post) because of the flavor. Is black traditional? Of course, but I knew that these 24 kids coming to the party would devour the fondant and probably leave my delicious Ovaltine cupcakes lying in the wake. (I was right) So I’d rather they eat chocolate than black dye. Hey, I care.

I always feel more comfortable handling an x-acto, but a paring knife will do as well. Just make sure that your x-acto is clean and sanitized. If you’ve worked with x-actos before, you know they sometimes come oiled – totally disgusting and not good when you are cutting fondant. CLEAN THAT THING.

cutting symbols sm

Place the cardstock template over the rolled out fondant. Using your x-acto go carefully around the edges of the template. Set them aside in an airtight container, sprinkling a little cornstarch on the bottom so they don’t stick.

yellow fondant

For the circles, just dye some fondant yellow, roll out to 3/16″ of an inch, and using a 2-1/2″ biscuit or circle cutter, cut out circles. Again, I dye fondant I like to let it air dry just a bit, then added moisture can make it kind of hard to work with.

Now place the chocolate Batman symbols on top of the circles. I like to let these dry out just a touch before I put them on top of the cupcakes. When you are ready, frost your cupcakes and stick them on top. Just don’t mess with Batman’s cupcake. He might get angry.

batman loves cupcakes sm