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Campfire SmoresTroopers

I make A LOT of Star Wars themed recipes and I’ve even made SmoresTroopers cupcakes before, but let’s say you’re out camping on the forest moon of Endor and craving something sweet. It has to be portable and it has to be delicious. These are the campfire sweets you’re looking for.

My recipe for homemade graham crackers is simple and keeps well in the freezer if you want to make the dough ahead. The trick to making these of course is the Williams-Sonoma Stormtrooper cookie cutter. Once the cookies are baked you’re ready to assemble.

Now you can definitely roast these marshmallows in your toaster oven at home, but let’s get real – marshmallows taste better roasted over a burning effigy of your father…um, maybe a toaster oven is just fine.

The melty goodness is too hard to resist, SmoresTroopers are everyone’s favorite treats whether you’re at a geeky beach bonfire or taking a break from rebuilding the Death Star!

Luke: “SMORES are your weakness.”
Palpatine: “Your faith in your friends is yours.”

I may be paraphrasing…

SmoresTroopers Cookies

smorestroopers on a  plate sm
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Campfire SmoresTroopers


homemade Stormtrooper graham crackers (recipe here)
chocolate bars


These new Stackermallows are pretty neat, they are almost like a compressed marshmallow making them toast even quicker because…no one has time to wait for smores?

stacker mallows

I don’t really understand why these exist but then again GIANT marshmallows exist, so who knows. In any event you won’t get any arguments from me about new and exciting improvements in marshmallow technology. I was sold at the word ‘stackermallow’.

Take a piece of chocolate and place it on top of the flat side of a stormtrooper graham cracker.

Add the roasty toasty marshmallow on top and press down with another graham cracker.

Campfire SmoresTroopers

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