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Cinderella cupcakes

Cinderella has to be the best rags to riches story ever. Who isn’t cleaning their house right now, scrubbing the floors, waiting for a someone to hand you a nice dress and some dope shoes so you can go to a party? I know I am.

cinderella sketch

For these cupcakes I came up with a design that’s so easy to put together you don’t even need the help of singing mice. Before she was transformed, Cinderella wore pink rags and had brown hair. Afterwards, in her post-raggedy gloriousness her hair suddenly turned lemon yellow blonde and she wore sparkly blue. Odd. I did a few sketches and decided to go for the “after” look with blonde hair and nice little blue headband. Let’s face it, a Prince is really secondary when it comes to nice clothes.

Cinderella Cupcakes boxed

cinderella cupcake sm
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Cinderella cupcakes


yellow frosting
3 ounces fondant
yellow food gel
black frosting
Wilton blue sparkle gel
pink heart quins


Start with the hair by using a lemon yellow food gel to dye a small amount of white fondant. I suggest wearing food safe gloves for this, as it does tend to stain.

cinderella spacer

Once the fondant is dyed, pull off a small piece about 1/2 to 3/4 inch and roll it into a ball, pulled to a point. Almost like an upside down tear drop. This will be the bun part of her hair. Place it over a biscuit cutter (the same size as the cupcakes) to get the sizing just right.

cinderella hair

On top of the pre-frosted cupcakes, use a #7 piping tip to pipe yellow frosting for the hair. Eyeball it, but this will take up about half of the cupcake.

Take the fondant buns and slide them into the top of the cupcakes above the hair, pointed side down.

wilton sparkle gel

Add a line of Wilton’s blue sparkle gel to make a headband at the edge of the hair, right under the fondant bun.

Pipe black frosting with a #4 tip for the eyes and place a little heart quin for her mouth. Serve.

Cinderella Cupcake

Cinderella Cupcakes Box

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  1. These are so cute! Love them!!

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