My Kid’s security ‘blankie’ is a little Curious George doll he’s named HaHa. We’re talking the old skool Margaret Rey one, not the new Curious George 2.0 model. This is how I made good ‘ol George out of fondant. See my other cupcake designs, here.

brown gel dye
pink gel dye
black gel dye

I start by thinking out the process of how the face is going to come together. Sometimes I do a little sketch to refer to as I am assembling.

You can buy pre-dyed fondant of course. I just didn’t have any. I always use gel dye, for EVERYTHING. That includes dyeing frostings and cakes. If you are using that bottled liquid crap, don’t. Gel is superior. I use gloves when I dye, cause that stuff is a big ‘ol mess.

I only used about half a slab of fondant, I broke it into three pieces – two equal parts and one small ball. The small ball I dyed black. You don’t need much cause that will be used for the eyes and nose and mouth. The other two parts, one I dyed brown, the other a very very light pink, for the skin.

The idea is to get this thing to lay flat on your cupcake. So I rolled out the brown fondant, and cut circles. This will be the base of the monkey head.

Then I did the same with the pink, also cut circles, but then cut out the shape of the face. Sorry folks, I did this all by hand – just eyeballing it, I don’t have a template but I’m sure you can download a pic from the internet and just use that.

Then I shaped the eyes, mouth, nose and placed them on. The ears are also formed from the pink, and just stuck on the back of the head.

Whenever you are creating a piece out of fondant, just look for features that stand out. That’s how you can get the ‘look’ that you are recreating. For instance, Curious George has big ears that sit low on the head, and a large long smile. Play up the features of the characters. Even if it isn’t exact, at least people will get the gist of it. Similar to what I did with the Oscar the Grouch cupcakes, or Elmo.

Bake your cupcakes, frost them, then just top them with your monkey faces. You can make them in advance and just keep them in a sealed container. In fact I suggest it. It saves you a whole bunch of time. The Kid was happy, but it looks like HaHa was even happier.