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Daredevil cupcakes and chocolate bars for Mark Waid

I’ve made Daredevil cupcakes for Mark Waid before so this time I wanted to go the extra mile, and the extra mile means chocolate.

Mark Waid was doing a signing at The Comic Bug (one of my fave comic book stores) and not only was he promoting his work on Daredevil but also his online digital comics site, Thrillbent.

Thrillbent has great digtial comics with even more awesome content on the way. Not only did Mark Waid sign autographs but he did a Q & A that answered many questions that people had about the future of comics, the digital age, and whether or not he likes cupcakes. Ok maybe not that last part, but I know for a fact he does like cupcakes.

Since a percentage of the proceeds from the signing was going to the Braille Institute, I took the beautiful cover of Daredevil 10 by Marcos Martin which features braille and printed it out in edible ink on edible paper.

I placed the images on top of fudge covered Oreos and then used a #5 tip and piped red icing around the edges.

The cover also features gorgeous silhouettes that feature the five heightened senses of Daredevil: smell, hearing, taste, touch, radar. The images are so pretty I knew I wanted to feature them somehow so I printed those out as well and placed them on pre-made chocolate bars.

They instantly became the most beautiful chocolate bars ever.

I also made a few dozen mini cupcakes decorated with chocolate pearls which resembled raised braille letters. The cupcakes were a hit and the signing and Q & A was fascinating. At the end of the day, The Comic Bug and Mark Waid raised $700 for the Braille Institute!

For more Mark Waid and Comic Bug info follow them on twitter @thrillbent & @thecomicbug and if you would like to donate to the Braille Institute, find out more information here.

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Daredevil cupcakes and chocolate bars for Mark Waid



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