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Easter cupcakes

When you think Easter, you think eggs, bunnies, carrots and peeps. But now I think about eating grass. Yep, edible grass has hit the market and it makes so much sense, you wonder why it wasn’t invented before.

I found this edible grass in the holiday aisle and I had to try it out. No longer will you have to pipe green frosting with a grass tip until your hand falls off, edible grass is here to answer your prayers. If your prayer was about eating stringy, strangely apple flavored grass.

I frosted a cupcake and then went to work piling the edible grass on top. It sure wasn’t easy. I imagine you’re supposed to put this in a basket, so tightening a small coil of this stuff to fit on a 3 inch round space was kind of tough.

Once I got it to conform to my way of thinking I added everyone’s favorite Easter candy (or so it seems) Cadbury Mini Eggs. They completed my sweet little edible Easter nest.

easter cupcake
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Easter cupcakes



4 Responses to “Easter cupcakes”

  1. miss mochi says:

    Mr. Mochi is obsessed with the Cadbury Mini Eggs, but I’ve never seen edible Easter grass. I’m intrigued!

  2. Andy says:

    My mom always made “grass” on top of Easter cakes with dyed-green coconut. She usually added a little plastic chick next to the jelly bean “eggs.” Cute! I think I would like coconut better than apple flavor with most cakes, but this is an intriguing new product.

  3. Kendra Thornton says:

    Hi there,

    I have a quick question about your blog. Please email me when you get a chance…thank you :)


  4. justJENN says:

    @Andy I’ve done that too but not everyone is a fan of coconut, so I thought this was a good alternative!

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