The Baby had a Wolverine/Elmo birthday. Don’t ask. Anyway, I HAD to make Elmo cupcakes, right??
red sanding sugar
Hershey’s Kissables
Orange gummi drops

I made chocolate cupcakes, I was really worried about the red bleeding into a white cake. I frosted it with a buttercream that I tinted red, then I rolled it in red sanding sugar.
Elmo cupcakes
I had been planning to make these for months. I was going to use white icing to pipe the eyeballs, then I saw these and liked her idea of using a marshmallow. Excellent.

For the eyes I used Hershey’s Kissables, a mini candy coated chocolate kiss, kind of like an M&M, with a point. And that’s…the point. I poked a hole in the marshmallow and the point of the kiss went in easy peasy.

Elmo cupcakes

For the nose I toyed with the idea of using upside down Halloween candy corn pumpkins, but instead I found these sugarless orange drops at an old time candy store. They were the perfect size!
Elmo cupcakes
The party was a success -what else did we have? A soft serve ice cream bar, 8 different kinds of ice cream and a Cereal bar. SUGAR HIGH. Then I sent all the kids home to their parents. HA! Go here for more party pics.