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fondant lettering, how-to

lettering detail sm

I just realized that this tutorial is lame since I forgot to take pictures of the process. See how rusty I am with a week off? Pathetic.

To do lettering in fondant, simply print out the wording you want in a font you want to emulate, on the computer. Take an x-acto knife and cut out the letters to make a template.

lettering sm

Then – much like the Batman how-to – place the template over your fondant and carefully cut out the letters.

Placing the letters on a circle of fondant makes them stand out and tops cupcakes really well!

fondant lettering sm

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fondant lettering, how-to



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  1. S Club Mama says:

    Oh wonderful. I’ve been wondering about fondant. I know nothing about it. Does it come in different colors or do you use food coloring??

  2. Unhappy for the huge refresh, but I’m rattling amorous the new Zune, and this, as good as the fantabulous reviews any other group someone codified, gift service you terminate if it’s the ripe for you.

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