I throw A LOT of parties, so when this month’s Foodbuzz 24×24 called for “kids parties” – well, I knew I just had to get in on that. The theme was “Kids Table” – presented by Frigidaire for Save The Children. (check out allll my Star Wars recipes here)

I have done Batman parties, Elmo parties, you name it – but I have always wanted to do a Star Wars party. The kids love Clone Wars and I am a huge fan of the original movies from the 70′s – or as the Baby calls them, “Movies 4, 5, and 6.” sigh. Kids.

For this party, my plan was to screen the movies and pimp out the food something fantastic. I wanted it to be very Star Wars, with lots of fanboy references – just because that’s what makes party themes so much fun.

While I do own the two Star Wars cookbooks, which I love – I didn’t really use them. I tried to think up some new recipes myself and make the party very unique with the food and movie references.

Like all my parties I started thumbnail sketching out all the food ideas as well as the plating and ingredients. Then I made a rundown of what needed to be cooked when, so that it all came out exactly at the start time of the party. I’m a stickler for organization – but hey, it works. I also printed out a bunch of cards with the names of each dish. (I’ve put it in pdf form for you to download for free HERE.)

Here’s what the menu looked like:

Yoda Oreos and Blue Milk
Of course I’m starting with something sweet, since that’s what I love most. The blue milk was a HIT with the kids and a head scratcher to those who weren’t super fans…

The Yoda heads just screamed out to be made into Oreos, don’t you think? The color is from using matcha (green tea) powder, which gave them a nice flavor too.

Princess Leia cupcakes
Princess Leia is my absolute favvvvorite and I have been wanting to do a Leia cupcake for a long time. It’s the ‘do that makes the woman.

Han Solo in Carbonite Jell-o
This couldn’t have worked out better. Sure he’s not in the right pose, but people still thought it was freakin’ hilarious. The Baby was ticked that I ruined a perfectly good Han figure, though.

Cloud City pops
When you go to visit Lando, this is what he serves you….right before he stabs you in the back. Jerk.

Yoda Soda
Bubbly and sweet. A little taste of Dagobah.

Death Star Watermelon
That’s no watermelon!! Hey, it’s not a party until someone carves a superweapon out of a melon, am I right?? Hm.

Sarlacc Pit dip, Spicy Yoda Ears & Ewok food
Fun snacks that take NO prep time – are the best.

Double sided Lightsaber hot dogs and Bacon wrapped Pretzel Lightsabers
Single or double lightsaber, whichever you choose, they are both delicious.

Han burgers
Little teriyaki beef sliders – the perfect size for a party!

Vader Taters
My kids were disappointed that I didn’t carve Vader’s face into these. Geez. They know me too well.

Star Wars Pumpkin
It’s October – and I seem to spend my entire Fall carving things out of food, don’t ask me why. I put this out on the porch to welcome everyone and to let them know what they were in for…

What made this party so easy was my love the original movies. I had ideas for about 20 more dishes but I had to stop myself.

I sent all the kids home with little party containers of their very own Ewok food.

In the end, movies were watched, there were lightsaber fights, and lots and lots of eating. It was a super fun party, everyone got a kick out of the food, and most importantly – Han was finally set free from his Jell-o prison….

Here’s the whole menu:
Han burgers
Vader Taters
Yoda Oreos
Blue Milk
Princess Leia Cupcakes
Han Solo in Carbonite Jell-o
Cloud City pops
Yoda Soda
Death Star Watermelon
Ewok food
Spicy Yoda ears
Double sided Lightsaber Hot Dogs
Bacon wrapped pretzel lightsabers
Sarlacc Pit dip
Star Wars Pumpkin

**I was interviewed at the official Star Wars blog about this party! (here)