Summer reading is in full effect here and the Kid is really into Roald Dahl right now. He is currently reading: The BFG. In the book the giant introduces Sophie to something called Frobscottle:

“Oh gosh, how delicious it was! It was sweet and refreshing. It tasted of vanilla and cream with just the faintest trace of raspberries on the edge of the flavour. And the bubbles were wonderful. Sophie could actually feel them bouncing and bursting all around her tummy. It was an amazing sensation.”

The Kid BEGGED me to make him some Frobscottle. We talked about what we’d put it into it, ‘popping and fizzing’ meant soda which my kids are NOT allowed to have but seeing as how he’s read 35 books in three weeks – I’d say he’s allowed a treat. And man, is this a treat.

I kept meaning to put a recipe together for him, but as parents do, I got busy. Proving that he is my child, before summer school one morning he left his very own homemade recipe on my desk, just as a reminder:

Interesting. I like the way that Kid thinks. I improved it (in my opinion) and upped the ante by using Lilikoi soda from Hawaii. Truly delish stuff IF you can get ahold of it. Most people can’t, so Ginger Ale will do just fine. Here’s the recipe:

1 scoop vanilla ice cream (recipe, here)
1 scoop raspberry sorbet
Lilikoi soda (or Ginger Ale)
whipped cream
fresh raspberries
Pop Rocks

Put the scoops of ice cream in a glass. Man, you could just stop here and that’d be a great summer treat. But no, I must carry on.

I love this natural Hawaiian soda from Waialua Soda Works. I had it in Hawaii YEARS ago and now it’s finally readily available on the mainland. If you can’t find it, ginger ale works just as well! Add just enough soda to get the bubbles to the top. Add the whipped cream and top with fresh berries.

Sprinkle the top with Pop Rocks. Yes, Pop Rocks. It gives it that extra “whizpopping” kick, as the BFG would say.

For sure this is sugar overload but this was a one time treat, and the Kid was SO HAPPY to see the BFG’s Frobscottle come to life! I love enhancing the Kid’s creativity by incorporating fun into his summer reading. It sure makes life a lot more fun.