My friend Grant had a birthday this weekend and since my gift is usually cupcakes I try to make them customized just for the bday person.

Grant is known for being on Mythbusters and he also has an impressively robotic resume. He has worked on BattleBots but he even worked on R2D2 – the ultimate loveable robot. He also designed and created Craig Ferguson’s sidekick Geoff Peterson on the Late Late Show. Geoff The Robot has quite the following and is very popular.

I thought making Geoff the Robot cupcakes would be something different and also in the ‘spirit’ since Halloween is so close. After all, Geoff’s head is, well – a skull. (And I do love working with skulls, especially ice cream ones.)

Because I am a total perfectionist, I just couldn’t find the right sized skull for the cupcakes. Just as I was about to hand carve them (because I am nuts) – good ol’ Wilton came to my rescue and I found these sugar skulls! They were the perfect size!

Geoff is most known for his glowing blue eyes and signature mohawk. For the eyes I used a #3 tip and piped in some frosting to secure the edible sugar balls – they totally looked like his blue optic eyes.

For the mohawk I just simply took a Jumbo Heart Sprinkle and placed it side-first just above the skull. If I could have added a mini suit jacket, I would have.

My ‘Geoff heads’ went on top of Root Beer cupcakes covered in ganache. The dark ganache was a good backdrop for the white skulls.

I took them to Grant’s big co-birthday bash (he shared his party with our other friend, Chrissy. More on her bday cupcakes in the next post) and they were a hit! They also fit right in with the costume/Halloween theme!