My Mom loves Halloween, so we took our gingerbread house concept that we usually do at Christmas and did one for October. We used to use a template for these houses but they neverworked quite right. So now I just build my own or cut the walls freeform by hand.

When building a gingerbread house, we try to make everything edible. We usually have a sag problem with the roof in a house this size, so to hold the roof up, we stacked an entire loaf of bread on end and laid the roof on top. I wish I had a picture of it. TOO BAD.

Because my mom is a librarian and she was taking this house to work, I thought the signage was appropriate.

Same color M&M’s make a nice pathway, while candy corn makes a nice pointy fence.

Sunflower seeds make a very creepy archway, the door is made of fruit roll-ups.

See updated 2006 one – here.