When Amber Benson has an event the people that attend aren’t just Buffy fans, they are fans of her Calliope Reaper-Jones novels too!

Calliope Reaper-Jones is literally Death’s daughter and she has become the head of her father’s company: Death, Inc. The newest book is the last of the series and is titled “The Golden Age of Death”. Amber asked me to make something ‘golden’ so I used a few unique things to make these cupcakes gold but appropriately death like, in the sense of the book, that is.

I baked mini vanilla and mini chocolate cupcakes and frosted them. For the ‘golden’ looks I used gold sanding sugar and a few of these adorably tiny EDIBLE stars. I fell in love with these things and now I want to sprinkle them on everything. Maybe I’ll sprinkle some on the kid’s pancakes…

Instead of piping or fondant, I tried something new for the lettering – a Wilton product called edible sugar sheets. Much like edible images these sheets are just a solid color and you punch out shapes.

I made my own template by printing out the letters D E A T H I N C.

Using a burnisher I pressed down and outlined the letters onto the sugar sheet. Then I used an xacto knife and cut out the edible letters.

I placed them on both the vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for the Death Inc signage.

The signing and the cupcakes were a big success! You can find all of Amber’s work online and follow her on twitter!