My friend Chrissy and I both LOVE the show Gravity Falls on the Disney Channel. It’s a fantastic animated series by Alex Hirsch about twins Dipper and Mabel Pines and their adventurous summer in Gravity Falls. There are monsters, creatures, and strange, strange happenings.

I knew I wanted to make Chrissy some Gravity Falls cupcakes and there was only one thing that I could possibly want to go on it…a gnome throwing up rainbows! I know, if you don’t watch the show you’re thinking, what the?? Well watch the show, it’s amazing.

I printed out the puking gnome with edible ink on edible paper, then laid it on a chocolate bar. Using a #5 piping tip I went around the edges with white icing.

I made up some rainbow cupcakes (detailed instructions here) and only after I did that did I realize…does that mean we’re eating gnome barf? Hm. The rainbow cupcakes got a quick frosting with vanilla buttercream and then I placed the chocolate gnome piece on top.

She’s lucky I didn’t put a Manotaur on top. A what? Seriously, watch the show, it’s amazing.