These are cute and spooooky for Halloween. I first saw these ‘Buried Alive’ cupcakes in the Clare Crespo “Hey There, Cupcake!” cookbook. I use my own chocolate cake and frosting recipes and the crushed Oreos make the perfect ‘dirt’.

chocolate cupcakes (recipe)
chocolate frosting
chocolate cookies (Oreos), crushed
doll part arms

I used to buy tiny doll arms Stats, but they no longer sell them. Now I buy them online at Kit Kraft. Buy the SMALL ones. Large ones just look…freaky. Wash them. Dry them. I’m a germaphobe, remember?

Make your chocolate cupcakes, set them aside. Now, for the ‘grave dirt’ I ground up some chocolate cookies – these from Trader Joe’s worked out well, but so do Oreos. The white middle part will just dissolve.

I really need a food processor – this one that is an attachment to my blender, ain’t cutting it. But the little rocky bits do make it more ‘dirt like.’

Now frost the cupcakes and dip them into your freshly ground chocolate cookie dirt. Ah, deliciously creepy goodness. Tombstones would be nice, but who has the time…