Made for the Ultimate Star Wars party (here)

Is this a recipe? Not so much, just an opportunity to play with toys.

6 ounces grape Jell-o
Han Solo action figure

Han Solo in carbonite is legendary, so I thought it’d be a fun party centerpiece to have him ‘frozen’ in grape Jell-o. I didn’t have the Han in carbonite figure, so with the short time I had I just used regular figure – to which the kids immediately said, “THAT IS NOT THE RIGHT OUTFIT, MOM.” Yeah, yeah, but you gotta make do with what you got.

I took the NEW in package Han and gave him a quick bath. You wouldn’t think I’d use a used toy in food would you? With my bacteria paranoia? No way.

Mix up the Jell-o according to package directions. Pour it into a 9×13 pan and set Han in there nice and gentle like. Chill and serve.

Yes, the figure is incorrect. But it’s still funny. And tasty.

Eventually Han will be free, and the kids will be happy to get an action figure! It’s like a fortune cookie – except cold and wiggly!