This is a quick and easy way to top a cupcake. The little flower pots add just the right touch of whimsy – they make a great presentation for a party!

giant heart quins
edible pearls
4″ flower pots

For the Handmade event I knew I wanted to do something different and artsy with the cupcakes. As with all my cupcake ideas I drew a lot of sketches, and they all seemed to go back to a cupcake flower growing out of a flower pot – with hearts. Hm. So that’s what ended up on the facebook invitation and is now also available here in notecards! But how to emulate that in cupcake form without going over the top?

At my local baking supply store I found ‘Giant Heart’ quins, Corazones Gigantes – no lie – these things were huge. I thought they’d be great as ‘petals’ for a mock heart flower.

Ganache (recipe here) is an easy way to frost a cupcake…without actually making frosting. Simply take the cupcake and dip it. It gives a nice thin layer on top of the cupcake and sets really nicely – perfect for quins.

I placed 5 hearts into a formation on top of the cupcakes, then added a small edible pearl into the center. Then I placed the whole cupcake into 4″ clean flower pot. Because of my extreme need to make everything symmetrical – NO ONE believed these cupcakes were real and I fell into the same problem with the Shave Ice Cupcakes…no one would eat them!!

These look lovely and would make a great favor for a bridal or baby shower!