People always ask me for quick ways to decorate cupcakes. Since I know not everyone has the time to roll out fondant and form perfect little figures, a trick I do a lot is using cookies as toppers. I took plain Hello Kitty cookies and fancied them up with sprinkles and icing. The decor is still cute and totally edible!

Hello Kitty Italian Cookies
large red heart quins
small red heart quins
yellow sprinkles
black frosting
frosted cupcakes

I happened to find these new Hello Kitty cookies imported from Italy of all places! They are almost like a biscuit, and have a really nice shape and profile.

All on their own they are adorable, but I thought I’d fancy ‘em up a bit using heart quins, sprinkles and piping. Turning large red heart quins on their side and placing a tinier heart quin in the center makes for a nice colorful bow. I used a yellow sprinkle for her distinctive nose (I tried to find the most oval-y shaped ones since I’m very particular about everything looking just so).

Using black frosting and a #2 tip, I carefully piped over Hello Kitty’s most prominent facial features: the eyes and whiskers.

I let these set overnight and then placed them on top of the cupcakes right before serving.

This is an easy way to make a distinctive, cute cupcake with minimal work!