If there’s one thing I know like the back of my hand, it’s Hello Kitty. So I’ve been wanting to do some Hello Kitty fondant work for a while.

you need:
white fondant
yellow gel dye
red gel dye
black gel dye
some delicious cupcakes!

Obviously you only need to dye VERY LITTLE of the fondant yellow, since it is just for the itty bitty noses. If you look at Hello Kitty’s head it’s basically an oval, so I started by making a roundish oval. I then made little pointy triangles for ears, oval nose, oval black eyes – and there you have the basic face.


The red bow is just two rounded end triangles put poit to point, with a big ‘ol circle in the middle. When you add the bow in red you know it’s Hello Kitty. The bow is rather large and takes up quite a bit of the side of the face.


What I never really realized is how much the whiskers make a difference. I sometimes forget they are there, but when you don’t put them on the face, it seems somehow incomplete.


I also made a few Pirate Kitty faces cause pirates make everything more awesome.


Hello Kitty is a great intro to fondant since the basics of the head is white. Along with small dyed pieces, the whole face comes together rather quickly.