My good friend Steph is a talented actress and producer known for Elfquest: A Fan Imagining and also standing around wearing sunglasses with me. The latter is obvs the highlight of her career. Um.

She is one of five producers of a new web series called The Ladies and the Gents, which premiered on April 9th. All the episodes take place during one night in the ladies room and mens room of a club, hence the name ‘The Ladies and the Gents.’
Have you ever had one of those nights? You know the kind…long line, crowded bar, loud music, pricy drinks, potential paramours, sloppy-drunk friends. Get a glimpse into this world through two new parallel shows: The Ladies and The Gents. One night. one club. Two restrooms.
(Catch up with all the episodes here.)

For the premiere party I made some treats and to keep with the theme and I figured chocolate lips and mustaches for the ladies and the gents would be perfect! Plus, putting them on a stick meant they would be ideal props for press photos!

To make the chocolate I melted down red chocolate and regular brown chocolates and filled their respective molds.

Tapping, always lots of tapping to get out the air bubbles. That way when you release them they’ll come out perfectly smooth.

Place the mold in the freezer for a five minutes and then they pop right out!

Super simple to make!

Edible lips and mustaches, ready for their red carpet debut!

*press photos courtesy of The Ladies and the Gents