Hobbits are totally vegan. Well, maybe hipster hobbits are. (Hipster Hobbits is my new band name.)

In the past, my friend Autumn requested Game of Thrones horse heart cupcakes for her baby shower, this time her only request was that the cupcakes be vegan.

Autumn is also a huge LOTR fan so when I came across these Lord of the Rings figures at the cake store I had to buy them. They were on clearance for obvious reasons – there was no Frodo or Sam, not even a Gollum.

Unless you’re a big Lord of the Rings fan there’s no way you’d know what an Ent or a Ringwraith is so these were sort of thrown into the clearance bin. With the Hobbit movie about to come out these things could be a hot commodity so I picked them up right away.

I made vegan gingerbread and vegan chocolate cupcakes and topped them with a very special vegan chocolate tofu frosting. Before you say EW, I promise you they were good and no one could tell there was even tofu in there!

These cupcakes are so good you could eat them for second breakfast AND elevenses.

vegan gingerbread cupcakes

vegan chocolate cupcakes
vegan chocolate tofu frosting

Look behind you Merry and Pippin, a ringwraith is coming for you and I don’t think he’s vegan.