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Medusa cupcakes

Female comic book characters are abundant and there are some amazing ones especially in the Marvel Universe. Once a while my friends even pop up in comics.

While we all have our own faves, from Phoenix to Firestar you are bound to find someone that resonates with you. My friend Janna is a fan of Medusa so I wanted to make her some special cupcakes for her birthday.

Comic book Medusa is much like the Greek Medusa, in that they harnesses the power of hair to do battle, but this Medusa’s hair is much more luxurious and acts as physical weapons.

Medusa was a member of the Frightful Four which fought the Fantastic Four but in typical comic book fashion she somehow JOINED the Fantastic Four, the exact team she was fighting against all those years. Seems like an episode of Homeland, just sayin’.

I made some hot chocolate cupcakes and I wanted to top them off with even more chocolate.

Using the same process I did for Mark Waid’s Daredevil cupcakes, I printed out a Medusa image in edible ink on edible paper and placed it on a pre-made chocolate bar.

I then used some shiny edible pearls to secure the corners of the chocolate and placed them on top of the frosted cupcakes.

Medusa may get her powers from her hair, I get mine from cupcakes.

medusa cupcake sm
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Medusa cupcakes



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