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Mochi filled with Nutella

For my huuuge New Year’s Day party I always make An (sweet red bean) mochi, this time just for fun, I played around with a bunch of different fillings, one of which should be a given to fill ANYTHING…Nutella.

Mochi + Chocolatey spread = happiness.

3-1/2 cup water
1 cup sugar
¼ tsp food coloring (I prefer pink)
1 box mochiko
potato starch

Prep a cutting board by sprinkling liberally with potato starch. This needs to be totally ready to go since you will be running over to it with boiling hot mochi. Set aside.

*this image by the Food Librarian

In a large pot, boil the water and the sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Add the food coloring and stir. I used purple, so that I could tell the the ones with the Nutella apart from all the other mochis. Like a mochi Scarlet Letter.

Now the work – add the box of mochiko to the tinted sugar water and stir like crazy!! HURRY – if you don’t work fast it won’t come together and you’ll get the dreaded lumps.

Now quick, dump it on your prepped cutting board and sprinkle with potato starch so it doesn’t dry out. DO IT! If this recipe sounds hectic, it is. It’s a heck of a lot of work, all based on timing.

Now pull off a piece of mochi, kind of round it out in your hand and flatten it. Fill with about 3/4 teaspoon of Nutella. Pinch the edges closed and flatten a bit into a little mochi shape.

They are sweet, don’t get me wrong. So you might want to keep them on the small size so as not to put people into sugar comas.

If you eat these freshly made, the mochi is hot and warms up the Nutella and, oh lordy. Heaven.

nutella for mochi sm
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Mochi filled with Nutella



12 Responses to “Mochi filled with Nutella”

  1. Maile says:

    Ohhhh that sounds yummy, thanks for sharing that idea. That’s one I’ve got to try.

  2. Jodi says:

    I really should make it a goal for 2011 to try Nutella. I’m curious about it.

  3. Tosca says:

    O wow, I must try to find a shop that sell mochiko
    I really want to try this

  4. Karrn says:

    “heaven” – yes, I whole heartedly agree. I made these for New Years. Warm is the absolute best!

  5. Eva says:

    So, in the 2 MOCHI recipes of yours that I’ve read, they call for 1 can/bag an (prepared sweet red beans), but I don’t see where/when I need to add this?

    Newly found fan,

  6. justJENN says:

    Sorry Eva, because this is a basic mochi recipe, I copied over the ingredients. Sorry about that!

  7. Fania says:

    when you say one box of mochiko, can you tell me how many gram is that?

  8. justJENN says:

    16 ounces, one pound.

  9. Jessica says:

    So, about how many can we expect this to make?

  10. justJENN says:

    @Jessica A TON. It will make a whole lot of small sized mochi. Make sure you invite people over to help you eat them.

  11. Shiloh says:

    I tried this but my mochi came out way too dry and just crumbled instead of wrapping nicely around the Nutella. :(

  12. Maggie says:

    Mine was way too sticky and wouldn’t firm up at all. It sort of just glopped around. :( But nice recipe.

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