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Mochi Making 2013

Forget Christmas, forget New Year’s Eve, the best holiday of the year as far as I’m concerned is Mochi Day! Carrying on a 50+ year tradition the FoodLibrarian‘s family held their annual mochitsuki and what a difference a year makes.

Last year’s 2012 Mochitsuki – it was 39 degrees and freezing rain, while this year I wore shorts because the temps were in the 80s. Los Angeles, you’re killing me. Warm weather was great for mochi making as it kept everyone in high spirits and who wouldn’t be happy when surrounded by 130 pounds of mochi??

mochitsuki day food 2013

mochitsuki day desserts 2013

The Foodlibrarian’s family is like my family and food in an integral part of every celebration especially if you’re working hard at mochi making all day. One buffet table isn’t enough, two isn’t either. But two tables of food plus a dessert table? Sounds about right.

The mochi making process was similar to last year with a few special improvements. In the end all 130 pounds of mochi were packed and piled high in boxes for everyone to take home. Now on to Oshogatsu, New Year’s Day!

check out www.foodlibrarian.com for all the mochitsuki details!

mochitsuki day 2013

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Mochi Making 2013



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