The internet is funny, everyone knows what everyone else likes because they tweet it, share, pin, instagram or blog it. So it’s no surprise that everyone knows how much I love mochi. Last week Frances Hashimoto passed away, the CEO of Mikawaya – inventor of mochi ice cream. Of course I was inundated with tweets, dms and emails telling me the news.

I go to Mikawaya almost every week, even when I’m not in the neighborhood I veer off the freeway just to stop by and get a fresh mochi ice cream. I didn’t know Frances Hashimoto but I’d seen her a few times over the years at Little Tokyo events and I know she was very influential in the community.

So it’s strange yet fitting that I’m announcing this today, but I’m about to release my next cookbook and it’s all about mochi. I’ve been working on it for several years, recreating old skool traditional recipes to modern ones that incorporate mochi in new ways.

It’s taken so long because I created recipes then tested them over and over again (my kids are mochi experts at this point), took photos and just like my previous O.G. comic-cookbook I drew pictures – doing all of this by myself and self-publishing just because I wanted to create something that was all my own.

I hope you enjoy the book when I release it and I hope Frances Hashimoto’s family knows what an inspiration she was not only to Japanese-Americans but to community leaders and female entrepreneurs everywhere.