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Ninjago cupcakes

This week the Kid turned 8! Last year he had a party where I made all Lego themed foods. This year was more low key but Legos were still a huge part of his big day!

We took a trip down to Legoland in San Diego (mecca for all brick-loving kids) and got to see Lego art form at its best. Right now the kids are really into Ninjago. Pronouced nin-jah-goh, personally I think it should be pronounced ninja-GO, but what do I know. Of course it’s not only a toy but also a tv show. Mmmhm, figures. The little Lego ninjas sure are cute and perfect inspiration for cupcakes!

I decided to make chocolate lollipop toppers, focusing on just the ninja mask – the eyebrows are what gives them character!

yellow candy melts
red frosting
black frosting
white frosting
cupcakes (I used cookies and cream, recipe here)

I melted candy melts over a double boiler, then poured them into lollipop molds. I’ve become addicted to chocolate molds. I’ve used them for everything from Phoenix-Jean Grey cupcakes to Lego minifigs!

Since Lego heads are yellow, the yellow pop provided a good background for the face.

Using a #5 tip and red buttercream I piped the outline of the ninja mask.

Then I filled in the two outer edges – leaving an opening for the eyes.

Using a #2 tip and black tinted frosting I piped two small round eyes.

Then I added the arched eyebrows. The eyebrows really start to give the ‘face’ some definition.

A white dot for the pupils completed the eyes. I popped them in the freezer to give them a little shine.

I placed the finished lollipops into cupcakes topped with chocolate ganache. They made the perfect birthday treat for my Lego-loving 8 year old!

ninjago sq
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Ninjago cupcakes



8 Responses to “Ninjago cupcakes”

  1. Jacqie says:

    Those are so cool! Happy birthday to your lil man (:

  2. Danielle says:

    So creative! Love it. How did you wrap them in the tissue paper?

  3. Jen says:

    Those are fantastic! I made a lot of your Star Wars-themed treats for my son’s 5th birthday last year, and given his current obsession with Ninjago, I might need to make these for his 6th! Too cute!

  4. justJENN says:

    @Danielle those are folded parchment cupcake liners.

  5. Karen Kelly says:

    These are amazing. My sons are obsessed with Ninjago right now so I might have to try them out just for fun. Yours are beautiful!

  6. BradK says:

    What boy would not like these treats?? I would bet the white ninja would work just as well, though the red ninja makes the white pupil in the eyes stand out more like the real or lego character. Nice work.

  7. Sandy Scott says:

    Cannot wait to try for grandsons birthday!

  8. Annabelle White says:

    Where can you buy lollipop molds? What did you use for the yellow face part?

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