This week the Kid turned 8! Last year he had a party where I made all Lego themed foods. This year was more low key but Legos were still a huge part of his big day!

We took a trip down to Legoland in San Diego (mecca for all brick-loving kids) and got to see Lego art form at its best. Right now the kids are really into Ninjago. Pronouced nin-jah-goh, personally I think it should be pronounced ninja-GO, but what do I know. Of course it’s not only a toy but also a tv show. Mmmhm, figures. The little Lego ninjas sure are cute and perfect inspiration for cupcakes!

I decided to make chocolate lollipop toppers, focusing on just the ninja mask – the eyebrows are what gives them character!

yellow candy melts
red frosting
black frosting
white frosting
cupcakes (I used cookies and cream, recipe here)

I melted candy melts over a double boiler, then poured them into lollipop molds. I’ve become addicted to chocolate molds. I’ve used them for everything from Phoenix-Jean Grey cupcakes to Lego minifigs!

Since Lego heads are yellow, the yellow pop provided a good background for the face.

Using a #5 tip and red buttercream I piped the outline of the ninja mask.

Then I filled in the two outer edges – leaving an opening for the eyes.

Using a #2 tip and black tinted frosting I piped two small round eyes.

Then I added the arched eyebrows. The eyebrows really start to give the ‘face’ some definition.

A white dot for the pupils completed the eyes. I popped them in the freezer to give them a little shine.

I placed the finished lollipops into cupcakes topped with chocolate ganache. They made the perfect birthday treat for my Lego-loving 8 year old!