paradise cake sm

If there’s one cake to try in Los Angeles, it’s the King’s Hawaiian Paradise Cake. This cake is light and delicious and shockingly pretty when cut. King’s Hawaiian Bakery is oddly enough, no longer in Hawaii – but the Bakery as well as the main plant for their delicious sweet bread (Baked french toast, anyone?) is located in Torrance. This cake is popular for birthday parties and celebrations, and I’ve definitely eaten my fair share at family gatherings.

The layers are a light chiffon – the green is lime, the yellow is liliko’i (also known as passionfruit), and the pink is guava. Now the flavors sound strong, but far from it – they are light as air, and also topped with a whipped cream.It’s um…quite easy to eat a huge piece by yourself. Just sayin’.

baby likes cake

The Kid’s birthday is coming up so I signed up and got a postcard for FREE MEAL for his birthday month. Score one for my wallet. Along with his meal came some singing as well as a heavenly piece of this here Paradise Cake.

I wanted to eat it all myself but it wasn’t MY birthday. The Kid ever so reluctantly shared his cake with all of us. The Baby really took advantage of his bite. Yikes. Guess I’ll just have to go back and get an entire cake just for ME…

birthday cake sm