My friend Sarah had a birthday, and knowing that she loves Phoenix I knew I had to make a spectacular cupcake.

Last year when I did the in-store at the Comic Bug I made a bunch of Superhero cupcakes, and the Phoenix one was specifically for her. Those were out of fondant, and never wanting to do anything twice, I knew I had to up my game this time.

yellow chocolate melts
green chocolate melts
lollipop sticks

Since I am now playing around with melted chocolate, like with the LEGO heads I decided to make the Phoenix emblem out of melted green and yellow chocolate, make them into lollipops and use them as cupcake toppers. Still with me? Easy right? Oh come on, here’s how to do it:

I got some great molds at my favorite cake supply shop. Candy pops out perfect everytime, and there’s a little slot for the lollipop stick. I melted down the green chocolate – kinda ew, but it’s actually just vanilla flavored.

Poured the melted chocolate into each mold and give it a little tap to release the air bubbles, then insert the stick.

Place the molds into the freezer for about ten minutes, then they’ll pop right out. Keep them in an airtight container in the freezer.

On to the symbol, this is much trickier. Because I don’t have Phoenix molds as of yet (working on it) I had to do this all my hand. But just like my drawing with chocolate tutorial, you can do anything with a little piping.

First print out the Phoenix symbol to the size you want – about 2-1/4″ inches worked well for these pops. Tape a piece of parchment over the print and set aside.

In a double boiler, melt down the yellow chocolate to a nice runny consistency. Instead of a piping bag (which I’ve used before) I decided to try my new ‘drizzle’ bottles – they were PERFECT. The hole was the perfect size for piping control for this very detailed Phoenix logo.

Obvs the key to this is to drink a lot of root beer and keep your Hello Kitty phone close. What the heck is up with this picture? Oh well.

With the melted chocolate in the bottle simply draw right on top of the parchment, outlining the Phoenix logo. Once that is all filled in, place the logos in the freezer for ten minutes. When they harden up they will slip right off the parchment.

Using more of the melted chocolate as ‘glue,’ stick them to the front of the already prepared green chocolate lollipops.

Again, I keep the finished pops in the freezer for safe keeping. Hey, it’s 75 degrees here – in January! Some winter! My chocolate might melt!

I made Cookies ‘n’ Cream cupcakes (recipe, here) and frosted them with cream cheese frosting (recipe, here). Then right before I took them to the party I took the lollipops out of the freezer and placed one in the center of each cupcake.

I like how Scott/Cyclops is peeking over the cupcake.

The cupcakes were a big hit, and really – working with melted chocolate and molds couldn’t be easier. But what was the perfect accessory gift to these cupcakes? A custom made 4′ tall Phoenix pinata of course! (More details on the awesome pinata, here).