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Pressed fondant flower cupcakes

My friend Kate was having a small wedding reception and while her shower cupcakes were an over the top tribute to the romance novels she’s written, she wanted something more subtle for the party. I took inspiration from her wedding color teal and the delicate white wedding flowers by hand pressing small fondant flowers and accenting them with a spot of color. Just enough for a nod to the celebration without going full board wedding explosion.

To make pressed fondant flowers roll out the fondant to about 1/8″ thick.

Using a flower cutter, cut out shapes. I preferred to go super small so that I could bunch some of them together.

Take the flat cut out flowers and press them into a mold. In this case I used a candy mold, it was for a larger flower but I was only looking for the center part of the flower.

Press the fondant in and you can even let it sit and dry there to take shape but since I was doing 70 flowers I decided to move them to parchment to dry.

Pinching and curling the edges of the fondant will make them even more realistic.

I placed some single flowers on the cupcakes and on others I bunched three together to look like mini bouquets.

Then to the center of each flower I added a spot of teal sparkle gel for a tiny touch of color.

This is a simple, elegant way to make edible flowers in no time flat!

fondant flower cupcakes
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Pressed fondant flower cupcakes



3 Responses to “Pressed fondant flower cupcakes”

  1. Misty says:

    love your blog! I was reading Nov issue of Everyday food magazine and your contribution “Just Jenn” was in there as part of the most interesting things to eat for thanksgiving. I forgot page number, and I’m at work. Check it out!!!

  2. Fondant is great, you make beautiful flowers!

  3. Jennifer says:

    The cupcake decoration look fantastic. I see you have made these cupcakes for wedding reception. I am sure you would have used nice cupcake stands to serve them also. If not, I can give you some tips for the next time. I think they will look fantastic on a white cupcake stand. And white is always suited on wedding ocassion also.

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