I write a lot about Hello Kitty food experiences here: the VIP party for the 35th anniversary, the Hello Kitty Kawaii Tea, etc. Recently I went to Hawaii and instead of spending time with my family and friends, I drove straight to the Sanrio Cafe. Ok, not exactly – but I was pretty excited. I love Sanrio and try to regularly make Hello Kitty cupcakes, chocolates, Hello Kitty oreos all on my own – but here, the Cafe was doing all that an more.

Located in the Pearl Ridge shopping mall, there isn’t much around here. At first glance you’d think it was just a regular ol’ Sanrio store, but right on the corner is a tiny storefront.

When I say tiny, I mean this place was TINY. No tables or chairs, just a walk up register. There were sandwiches and coffees, but of course the desserts were the first thing I looked at. So many cute things!

Hold on to your horses, I took a lot of pictures for you…

These desserts were just the right size, TINY. Just the way I like them.

Could you die? Little chocolate Keroppis – just like the Hello Kitty ones I attempted! These were so cute, I need those molds!!

Cutest brownies ever!

OF COURSE the mochi caught my eye – you know I love mochi - I wanted to take some back to L.A. but seeing as how it had a very short shelf life, I knew it wouldn’t make it home. ~sigh~ Next time.

Instead I went for a little dobash cake. So tiny and cute. The cafe had a great array of desserts, I wish I could have tried them all. And here’s a tip for people who follow my blog – the Cafe has lots of neat hard to find Hello Kitty cookie cutters/kitchen items! So all those cupcakes I’ve made…yeah, there’s more to come for sure!

I went back a few times during my trip (how could I not?!) and the desserts seemed to change every day which was pretty neat. This is a cuteconcept that I think would do great in other cities across the country. Hopefully they’ll open one on the mainland!