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Star Wars Admiral Ackbar Cupcakes

My portfolio of Star Wars food is ever expanding. In cupcake form I’ve created Princess Leia cupcakes, Vegan Jawas, even Stormtroopers SMOREStroopers cupcakes but one character I’ve yet to tackle is Admiral Ackbar!

When I start a character design for food I always do a lot of different of sketches. For Ackbar there are four main characteristics to make him recognizable:
1. oval head
2. giant yellow eyes
3. flappy mouth
4. weird soul patch

ackbar cupcake sketches

Once I decided to concentrate on those things I was ready to go!

These cupcakes are sweet and delicious if you can get past Ackbar’s giant kawaii eyes staring back at you begging you not to eat him. Don’t fall for it – it’s not a trap, IT’S A SNACK!

admiral ackbar cupcakes

admiral ackbar cupcakes sm
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Star Wars Admiral Ackbar Cupcakes


Brown Sugar Cupcakes
yellow candy melts
coffee sprinkles
black icing

frosting ingredients:
cinnamon buttercream
orange food gel dye
brown food gel dye
1 Tablespoon cocoa powder


Ackbar’s distinct coloring is orange-brown and kind of patchy. Cinnamon Buttercream has nice flecks of brown already mixed in, plus it’s a delicious pairing with Brown Sugar Cupcakes.

Make the Cinnamon Buttercream according to directions and then add a few drops of orange and brown food coloring. Sprinkle in a Tablespoon of cocoa powder and give it a rough stir, just enough to swirl through the frosting but not mix in.

Admiral Ackbar cupcake prep

Spoon the frosting into a piping bag, and pipe the frosting into an oval shape on top of the cupcakes, smoothing it out with an offset spatula.

Press the yellow candy discs into the sides of the oval for the eyes. Sprinkle the coffee sprinkles along the lower middle of the oval for the soul patch.

In a piping bag with a #4 tip, pipe the black frosting in a curved line just above the soul patch sprinkles for Ackbar’s mouth. Just above that, add two teardrops for nostrils.

Finally pipe two circles onto the yellow candy discs for the pupils of his eye.

Just like that your Ackbar is done! Creating a character likeness can be tricky, but my approach is to make things simpler and focus on unique characteristics. Once those are exaggerated you have a pretty good chance that it will be recognizable and it makes it easy for people to follow along and create their own too!

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  1. Mike says:

    It’s a trap! They’re delicious.

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