The best thing to serve at a Comic shop is comic themed cupcakes, right? Everyone liked being able to see my stationery in person – so many people came out for the event, I was really humbled and happy!

I made red velvet cupcakes and Ovaltine cupcakes to go with the hand-carved fondant toppers, and they were a hit!

The thing I love about Superhero logos are the simple clean designs, just the image and the colors can tell you instantly who is who. All of which are PERFECT elements for topping cupcakes! I knew I wanted to do some of the basics, Superman, Batman – but I figured that some of the more obscure logos would be fun and also appeal to the diehard fanboy/fangirl.

The only difficulty in this process was dyeing all the different colors of fondant. I certainly got an upper arm workout. You could buy pre-dyed, but I just love to make my life difficult, as you know.

Now, how to execute these, just like with all my fondant how-tos, I start with a template. A simple image printed off the internet. First scale it down to fit within a 2.5″ circle (a typical cupcake size).

A 2.5 inch biscuit cutter is perfect for cutting out the circle toppers and seeing how they’ll place, once on top of the cupcakes.

Then using an x-acto knife, I cut out the templates, lay them on the fondant and get to work. A lot of trouble? For sure. But in the end you get a really nice clean cut and are able to do images that don’t exist in cookie cutter form.

The trickiest was the Superman logo. It was three layers of cutting and amazingly enough it was the easiest to execute, that’s probably what also made it so stable. I think people really appreciated the amount of work I took carving out the logo.

Captain America was another winner. People said they liked that I did the head gear instead of going the typical route of doing his shield. Again, I knew appealing to die hard fans would make them happy.

For female logos, I didn’t want to go with the obvious choice – Wonder Woman, and so I chose Phoenix. Not only would it appeal to true comic book fans, but she was also my friend Sarah’s favorite!

It turned out to be the most difficult of all the logos – the tiny side cuts were extremely fragile and there was a lot of fondant breakage. It turned out for the best though, because Phoenix was the #1 sellout. It sure went fast – people LOVED that cupcake!

These are NOT the simplest of cupcakes to make, but as with all fondant work, patience and practice can get you some nice results!