My friends and owners of the Comic Bug wanted cupcakes for a 40th birthday. We talked about a lot of geeky ideas – which just happens to be my thing. Huh. I should open a geek themed bakery.

The theme was ‘Walking Dead…at 40′. Here’s the thing. I hate zombies. They scare me. I truly believe there WILL be a zombie apocalypse and just in case I have cans of Spam in my pantry in case I have to wait it out.

The tv show is popular but I wanted to come up with something that honored the comicand the idea of zombies. Anything but ‘brain’ cupcakes, because EW.

I made some chocolate cupcakes similar to the ‘Back from the grave‘ cupcakes that I made for Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s birthday.

Then I printed out images on cardstock to serve as banners for the back to give the cupcakes some 3D/billboard type elements. I cut them out and attached them to skewers.

I tested out the length of the skewers because I wanted varying heights for the text, images and the hands.

They came out pretty cool, like a little diorama of cupcakes. Personally I don’t think 40 is over the hill, but hey I also believe in zombie apocalypses.