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Girl’s Day (hinamatsuri) cupcakes

March 3rd is Girl’s Day aka Hinamatsuri in Japan. When I was a kid we always celebrated this day. Hinamatsuri is the Japanese Doll festival and my mom and I would bring out dolls to display that my grandmother hand made.

I have to admit, I don’t celebrate this anymore – I’m sort of irate at the fact that they decided to get rid of Boy’s Day aka Tango no Sekku, on May 5. Instead they changed it to the all inclusive Children’s Day.‘ If that’s the case, why not get rid of Girl’s Day too? I’m an equal opportunity non-celebrator. Still – come May 5 I always do something so my two boys aren’t forgotten.

Back to Girl’s Day – as always there are special foods and sweets to go along with the celebration. One is hishi mochi, a three color mochi in a rhombus shape that is pink on top, white, then green on the bottom. This is my homage to the hishi mochi, in cupcake form!

matcha mochi cupcakes (recipe here)
mascarpone frosting (recipe here)
chi chi dango mochi (recipe here)

Make the matcha mochi cupcakes – your ‘green’ layer.

Top with mascarpone frosting – the ‘white’ layer.

And finally add a small rhombus-y piece of chi chi dango mochi in pink, of course.

This is a lovely modern way to celebrate Girl’s Day!

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Girl’s Day (hinamatsuri) cupcakes



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