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Star Wars Galaxys Edge Coke Bottle Christmas Ornament DIY

Before Galaxy’s Edge even opened at Disneyland, all anyone could talk about was the theming. And when custom space-age Coke bottles were revealed, fans’ minds were blown. A refreshing drink with a little bit of Star Wars flair? The souvenir was too good to be true.

Now that you have your precious space soda, what should you do with the bottle? Year round display is a great option but for the holidays, there’s no denying that these intergalactic bottles bear a close resemblance to Christmas tree ornaments. Add a little bit of ribbon and your decorations are ready to go.

You’ll need:
Galaxy’s Edge Coke bottles, empty
6-inches thin ribbon
6-inches decorative ribbon

Step 1: Tie both ends of the decorative ribbon onto the thin ribbon, knotting to secure.

Step 2: Tie the thin ribbon around the neck of the empty bottle. Again, knotting to secure.

Step 3: The knots of the decorative ribbon should be able to move. Adjust their position accordingly.

Step 4: Hang on the tree and enjoy!

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