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Carrot Race Cars

Quite obviously this is not a recipe. Just an idea of how to make your kids get interactive with meal time. One of the kids favorite books, “I will never, not ever eat a tomato” featuring Charlie and Lola, is all about picky eaters. In order to get Lola to eat Charlie comes up with fantastical ideas of what the foods could become. I took his cue and made race cars out of carrots.


I was making two race cars, one for each kid.
two carrots,
a radish
two sliced olives


Then I printed out teeeeny tiny little Charlie and Lola to sit in my carrot mobile.


The sliced olives were the steering wheels, and the sliced radishes were the tires. The kids were so excited to see race cars on their dinner plates, the Baby ate the whole thing!


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Carrot Race Cars



5 Responses to “Carrot Race Cars”

  1. I love Charlie and Lola too, and have encouraged Annalie to watch them for the same reasons! And now Annalie says things like “straightaway” and uses the British inflection when asking questions. The Anglophile in me sighs happily whenever she does that.

  2. celia says:

    hello, i love your charlie and lola scene. i love that show, it’s so adorable.

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