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Chickie Eggs

I love making cute things out of food but really, no one wants to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. By using just a few ingredients it’s easy to put something together that is simple yet recognizable.

With just a piece of carrot and a few black sesame seeds, these little momma and hatchlings make a fun kawaii lunch. While these eggs are ideal for Easter, I also like to put them in the kids lunchboxes for a fun surprise!

chickie eggs

baby chickie eggs

*adapted from the Manga Cookbook

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Chickie Eggs


black goma (sesame seeds)
1 carrot


Half the battle in making these is boiling the eggs. Boiling the perfect hard boiled egg can be intimidating but if you follow these directions, they’ll be perfect everytime!

Carefully place eggs in a pan. 6 fit nicely in a saucepan, if you’re making more use a large pot. Gently cover the eggs with about 1-2 inches of water.

Bring the pot to a boil then turn off the heat. Cover with a lid, and let sit undisturbed for 12 minutes.

When the 12 minutes are up, drain the eggs and immediately place them in an ice bath to cool. Keep in the fridge until ready to use.

Once the eggs are cooled crack and shell them. If little pieces of shell are stuck to the egg, run it under water and dab dry with a paper towel.

For the beaks, cut a slice of carrot into small wedge shapes.

Finding black goma can be tricky, but an asian market is you best bet, or you can find it online.

For the momma chicks:

Take a toothpick and poke two holes for eyes. Place the black sesame seeds in.

Poke a hole with a toothpick and insert the carrot for the beak.

chicken egg

For the baby chicks:

Slice the egg in half carefully so you don’t tear the yolk. Place black sesame seeds for the eyes and insert the carrot for the beak.

chickie egg how to

24 Responses to “Chickie Eggs”

  1. sooooooo darn cute!!! i love it!!! – mary

  2. Caroline says:

    oh my gosh, the cutest hard-boiled eggs!

  3. Carolyn Jung says:

    This is beyond cute! Perfect for Easter for kids of any age — me, included. ;)

  4. Maria says:

    These are too cute!

  5. Cari Snell says:

    Awwwww! So cute! I am going to make these with the kids for sure!

  6. kirbie says:

    I bought the Manga cookbook also! I haven’t tried out any of the recipes, but the eggs were one of my favorites. I really should make them. Yours look so adorable!

  7. Jeannetta says:

    THIS is adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Karen says:

    I love it!! Very cute!!! :D

  9. lizzie says:

    Too precious for words. Absolutely charming.

  10. Kaitlin says:

    These are absolutely darling! I love them!

  11. so cute!
    Happy easter!

  12. Pammie says:

    I’m making some of these this year and every year after this one. Too cute!!

  13. haha that’s so cute and so doable! :O Happy Easter!

  14. Michelle says:

    Those are adorable! I just boiled up a batch of eggs for deviled eggs but think one will have to be a chickie for my daughter! Thanks for posting.

  15. Lori A. says:

    Stinkin’ cute! My kids would get a kick out of this.

  16. x3FLO says:

    SO CUTE.

  17. Ange says:

    My 3yo will love these!

  18. kristen says:

    really cute although somewhat disturbing…

  19. christina says:

    OMG these are to die for and lila loves eggs! gonna for sure try this out!

  20. sophie says:

    omg so cuite to speachless to eat

  21. Darlene says:


  22. I am making these right now with the kids :) Thank you!!!

  23. griffysu says:

    Absolutely adorable…will be using this idea next weekend for my Easter Brunch!

  24. supercar says:

    It’s an remarkable article designed for all the online users;
    they will get advantage from it I am sure.

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