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dressed up Halloween treats

Halloween is a week away and while I am not a fan of the scary side of Halloween (zombies, blood, nope) I am a fan of the sweet side…sweet and delicious treats. Here are a few ways to ‘dress up’ your menu for Halloween:

Mummy Cupcakes
Dress up your cupcakes by wrapping them in piped frosting!

Frankenberry Treats
These look NOTHING like the cereal treats you’re used to…cause they’re dressed up for Halloween!

DOMO chocolates
Dress up your chocolates by adding DOMO faces!

Mochi Brain Freeze
This is no ordinary skull. It is made out of homemade vanilla ice cream and inside there’s a sweet treat, it’s filled with mochi!

Punisher Pie-Cakes
Dress up your pie, as a cake, as Punisher!

Iron Man Pizza Hand-pies
Dress up your pizza the Tony Stark way, as Iron Man!

DOMO chocolates
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dressed up Halloween treats



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