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LEGO birthday party

The Kid turned 7 (!!!) and now that he knows what I can do (see: Star Wars party, here) he has ‘opinions’ – and he was very specific about this year’s birthday.

At this age LEGO is everything. So not only were there LEGO themes throughout the party, OF COURSE I had to get into the act with the food too!

It was a SMALL party, he invited a few friends and family and the goal was to keep the food simple, well, simple for ME. I tend to go overboard with themes, did you notice? Still, the idea was that the kids could pick it up and go back to playing. I incorporated typical ‘LEGO colors’: primary blue, red and yellow and I tried to make most everything square or ‘block-like’ which is a pretty easy to do with food!

Blue cupcakes with edible candy LEGO heads (recipe, here)
I always have to start my party planning ideas with cupcakes, what else? So these were the first things I sketched up.

The Kid was VERY specific that I had to make edible yellow LEGO minifig heads for each one. SHEESH! What a demanding client!

Sandwich Stackers (recipe, here)
Playing with your food? In this case it was ok.

Fruit stack skewers (recipe, here)
I cut fruit into cubes and ‘stacked’ them on skewers, just don’t poke your eyes out kids…

LEGO block Jell-o (recipe, here)
A fun version of my Broken Glass Jell-o recipe, this was a hit!

Cheese and Cracker Stackers (recipe, here)
I found the world’s cutest mini Saltines and couldn’t help myself, I had set up for the kids to make stackable cheese and crackers!

Spam Musubi(recipe, here)
It’s not a party unless there’s Spam Musubi (as requested by the Kid) plus, it’s square!

Toffee Blondies w/chocolate LEGO minifigs (recipe, here)
Ok, fine. These were more for me. A chewy brown sugar square topped with a chocolate LEGO man I made in a mold. How else am I supposed to get through a party of seven year olds without some sugar fuel?

Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry milk
Clean freak that I am, I don’t like ‘loose’ cups lying around the house so I got these individual servings of milk in fun flavors. Much easier to clean up.

Here’s a rundown of the whole LEGO menu:
Blue cupcakes with chocolate LEGO heads
Sandwich Stackers
Cheese and Cracker Stackers
Fruit stack skewers
LEGO block Jell-o
Spam Musubi
Toffee Blondies w/chocolate LEGO minifigs
Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry milk

The kids had a great time and ate a lot of food. That is ALWAYS what you want at a kids party, no leftovers!

Oh and that giant ‘centerpiece’ of LEGOS? I poured it out onto the table and let the kids build and build, then take home all that they could carry. For more LEGO party details – like decor, favors and the giant LEGO pinata – go, HERE.

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LEGO birthday party



19 Responses to “LEGO birthday party”

  1. Grapefruit says:

    Love everything about this party – thanks for sharing all your fun & outstanding ideas.

  2. Nanette says:

    7 already?!?! WOW!

    Great job, Jenn! I’m sure all the kids LOVED it!

  3. Jessica says:

    You throw teh best parties!! I think the blondies are my favorite. :)

  4. jennifer w. says:

    Fabulous party as always!

  5. Sue says:

    This is so awesome. My cousin’s a huge fan of Legos, she’d totally love to have a party like this! I love your chocolate Lego men, so cute and yummy looking!

  6. briarrose says:

    Awesome job on the theme! What a fun mix of foods.

  7. Bully says:


  8. Denise says:

    H had a great time, the food and set up was amazing. You never cease to amaze!

  9. Tosca says:

    Wow, you’re the best, I’m slighty jalous. Ok, a lot.
    And ashem you haven’t done any girl parties.
    My Daughter turns 4 in Februari and wants a Jessie from Toy Story food theme.
    I gonna search your hole site (again :D, Like it a lot so no problem there) for nice recipes.
    I enjoy reading your posts/recipes.

    Kind regards Tosca

  10. Dee says:

    Wonderful party! Thanks for posting! Everything looked fun (not fussy). Thanks for sharing recipes and techniques.

  11. Madge says:

    I love it all. I had no idea that King’s made rainbow bread, I want some NOW.

  12. Tosca says:

    Forgot to 1 thing:
    Congratulations with the Kid 7th birthday :D

  13. Sauce Lila says:

    You are so cool!!! I´m 27 years old and I want you to be my mother!!!
    I made the rainbow cake long ago for my kid and it was a total success, the children were all saying that it was a “magic cake”.
    You really have the best and coolest cooking ideas in the entire net-

  14. karen says:

    u are simply…amazing! can u be my mommy? your family is so blessed to have you.

  15. Awesome.

    You also can use that mold to make gummy minifigs: http://www.eat-the-evidence.com/2011/06/23/gummy-lego-minifig/


  16. I showed my son your blog post and he loves everything on it. He’s seven (he’ll be eight in June), and he keeps saying, “I wish I was at that party!!!” I did a Lego themed party for him a couple of years ago, but yours is MUCH more impressive. :)

    We are going to Legoland next month (I won a family sweepstakes!) and will also visit my mom in CA. Can you tell me where that awesome Japanese 99cent store is??????

  17. laurissa says:

    that is so creative i love how you made everything lego. i love your style

  18. Katie says:

    Where did you get the food tent labels? So cute!

  19. Jackie says:

    OMG Jen! You are amazing. Last year I used all of your ideas for my son’s Star Wars party and it was such a hit, people are still talking about it. I love good food and details at parties and you do such a great job at that. This year my son said he wants a lego party and asked that I do what I did last year. I logged onto your site today and low and behold you HAVE a Lego theme! I am so excited. Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas. Jackie

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