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Monsters U Sparkly S’lime Jell-o

The kids and I loved Monsters University so much and they still talk about it even though it’s been weeks since we saw it! They were excited when we happened upon this box of S’lime Jell-o in the store. I had to do a double take to make sure there was no actual slime involved. You never know.

Actually it was just plain lime Jell-o with a fun Monstery name. But I wanted to liven it up a bit so I felt like the S in S’lime would best stand for sparkly rather than yucky slime – and so a sparkly, delicious S’lime dessert was created!

In place of the cold water per box directions I used a Japanese soda. Much like 7-Up or Sprite (which can also be substituted) this is a carbonated beverage but Japanese sodas tend to have a little more bite to them. The sharp ‘cider’ like taste is sometimes hard to swallow but makes for a perfect compliment to sweet gelatin.

2 cups boiling water
1 small (3 oz) box S’lime Jell-o
2 cups Japanese cider soda (Or 7-Up or Sprite)

1/4 cup whipped cream
4 chocolate chips

In a bowl stir together the boiling water and Jell-o powder until dissolved.

Add in the cold Japanese soda and stir well.

Pour into 4 small serving glasses and refrigerate until solid.

Decorate with a dollop of whipped cream and a chocolate chip for Mike’s eye. Now you’re ready to serve up these monsterously sweet summer treats!

monsters u sparkly slime jello sm
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Monsters U Sparkly S’lime Jell-o



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