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root beer tri tip (grilled)

marinated tri tip
Marinating meat is the best way to get a nice full flavor out of your meal. I’ve mixed up a bunch of different variations of this recipe and I think this one works pretty well. I don’t think you need to use tri tip either, I’m sure it’d work on chicken or other cuts of beef. Note my secret ingredient – as always – root beer. If there ever is an Iron Chef – Root Beer, somebody better call my azz up.

1/2 cup soy sauce
1/4 maple syrup
4 cloves of garlic, minced
1/2 teaspoon mustard powder
1/2 teaspoon sesame oil
1/2 cup root beer
tri tip – or whatever other meat you want to use.

In a bowl, combine all the marinade ingredients – add the root beer slowly, cause it tends to fizz up.

marinated tri tip

Marinate in a sealed container or a plastic bag. Stick it in the fridge. I like to do this as long as I have time for, I usually prepare it in the morning and then it’s ready by dinner time.
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marinated tri tip

Put the marinated steaks on a hot grill – depending on the thickness of your meat, tri tip is tricky and will not taste good overcooked. I usually go about 7 minutes on each side. Once the meat is done, put it on a plate, covered in foil, and let it rest for 5-7 minutes. This will keep the tri tip nice and juicy before you serve it.

When I cook tri tip my goal is to get it just about medium. I am actually NOT a fan of seeing the pinkness or rareness of meat, but I have to tell you – cook tri tip any more than that and you will be sorry. To me, this tastes so good, it doesn’t need a sauce, which is always my goal. Less work is best.

marinated tri tip

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root beer tri tip (grilled)



5 Responses to “root beer tri tip (grilled)”

  1. cheryl says:

    I see you used your foreman grill? I’ll try this on our outdoor and post how it goes. I LOVE tri-tip and your marinade sounds so yummy. I love rootbear and I love tri-tip, how can I pass this up?

  2. cheryl says:

    OMG, I meant ROOTBEER!

  3. justJENN says:

    It’s not a Foreman grill, hilarious. It’s just an indoor electric grill.

  4. HuevosVerdes says:

    I typically avoid this type of recipe. Rootbeer? Usergroup postings are littered with similar advisements (i.e. “marinade the ____ with Coca Cola”, “baste the ____ with Kahlua”, or even “put the ____ on the beer can, then cook it”). All in all, a lot of wishful thinking. Not so with this recipe. I prepared the marinade using regular A&W Rootbeer, full-sodium Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Coleman’s Powdered Mustered, Grade A maple syrup, etc. and then combined it with a fresh 2.8 Lb tri-tip for about 30 hours. I seared each side at 500 degrees and then roasted it to an internal temp of 155. Superb! And the rootbeer was not at all gimmicky; it indeed did lend to a sweet, savory flavor that is part teriyaki and part western bbq. This recipe is a classic, it will be close at hand from here on out and I highly recommend it.

  5. justJENN says:

    Geez. I wouldn’t just put things in to be ‘gimmicky’. I only use ingredients that acheive a purpose. I’m glad you gave it a go. See, it was worth it!

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